A message from the author

Bangsiri is one of more than 200 dogs who used to live in Daejeon, Korea, with a loving rescuer named Ms. Jung Nan-young. Throughout 2007 and 2008 Ms. Jung was under pressure from the city authorities and from her landlord to move out of the converted greenhouse where they all lived. Many volunteers and supporters helped get Ms. Jung’s furbabies into good homes; Bangsiri is just one of many “foster failures” from the Daejeon shelter crisis. She changed my life, and I’m completely in love with her.

On October 3, 2016, after eight and a half wonderful years together, our time together was cut short. This blog is now a memorial to my beautiful princess Bangsiri, and I’m reorganizing the content with that goal in mind. I would like to use this space to write about her cat sisters sometimes too.

Many thanks to everyone whose images have helped make this site better: Zayda Barros, Park Seong-hwa (Nina), Corey Lajeunesse, Mari Animal Hospital (Dr. Choi), cat rescue charity Nabiya (Irina Bondar), Amber’s mom (Park Geundeok), dedicated animal rescuers Park Hyunjoo and Sofia Diyatchkova (Rushing), Mia (mom to Fuzzy and Mila), filmmakers Cathy and Theo, Lucifer’s mom, Susan Thompson, Pedro’s family, and From My Heart rescue.

Most of all, thanks to Bangsiri’s rescuer, Ms. Jung. Bangsiri lived with Ms. Jung for three years before we found each other in February 2008. Ms. Jung now operates a shelter called Daejeon Paws (aka Angel House), and she still needs donations and volunteer support.


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