Help Daejeon Paws

Daejeon Paws, aka Angel’s House, is run by a kind woman with no staff and limited volunteer support. She takes care of 50-plus dogs and a few cats in a modest house, and she needs help from the community to keep going.

Ms. Jung Nan-young

That’s her a few years ago with one of the Jindo mixes she saved, a long-term shelter baby. To donate, please deposit the funds in Ms. Jung’s bank account (information provided below).

Kangaroo and Isuni

Both are rescued Jindo mixes, lifers who are growing old at the shelter. Korean speakers who use Naver can find out more by looking up the page “dj1004home” or “대전 천사의 집.” For information in English, join the Facebook page “Friends of Daejeon Paws.”

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