Blocked communication

Bangsiri has been gone for a year and a half, and I miss her every day. Since the last time I posted, I missed her so much that I booked a long-distance psychic reading. Not a free one this time—a paid reading with a medium who’d come highly recommended. It was a disappointment.

If the last reading was vague, this one was practically generic. This time, there was no comforting message from Bangsiri. There was no message at all. If the medium could only talk to one being, I wrote when I booked the reading, please talk to Bangsiri. But he couldn’t get through to her. He said she’d “moved on,” whatever that means. He proceeded to do an off-topic reading that had nothing to do with her.

If she’s moved on, I need to know where. I need to know what she’s moved on to. I would rather have received a refund than an off-topic reading. But that’s not how it works.

The rest of what he said was so vague that it’s hardly worth sharing. I don’t know whether to believe any part of it, but one thing got my attention. The medium described a kitten who sounded a lot like my 2010 foster baby Ollie. Ollie’s coat was a mix of orange tabby and white, and the medium saw him as the playful kitten I remember. But I know Ollie lived to adulthood, and I thought he got a wonderful home. If he’s really on the other side as the reading seemed to suggest, it’s very, very premature.

I scoured my old emails, found his mother’s address, and sent her a message but got no response. I hope the medium was wrong and that Ollie is still happy and healthy, but there’s no way of knowing. We lost touch years ago.

If it wasn’t Ollie, I don’t know who it could be.  But if it was, why did he appear as a kitten? And why would he come back to me instead of the family that raised him?

I suppose it could have been a lucky guess—describe a cat who doesn’t look all that unusual, and chances are he’ll ring a bell? I should probably end this post with a promise to forego psychic readings from now on, but I’m hoping for better results next time.

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