Starting the Year of the Dog, with three​ cats

The Year of the Dog has started, and my long holiday is almost over. Here are my thoughts for the Lunar New Year.

This past year has been an unproductive year for blogging, and not just because of what happened to Bangsiri. Since she died I considered returning to Canada many times, but that plan fell apart. Recently, I learned that there are no reliable direct flights for animals to any Canadian city unless they fly in cabin. And I don’t see how my cat babies could fly in cabin when there are three of them and only one of me. (Of course many animals fly abroad as manifest cargo and are just fine, but my cats go feral when I have to take them to the vet clinic for a checkup. There’s a good chance they’d refuse food and water and damage their health permanently before ever clearing customs.)

Overall, Korea has been a good experience for me. I’ve had some attractive opportunities, but the economic realities of life here have changed drastically. I’ve gotten older and so have Phoenix, Gemma, and Jellybean. As a non-resident for immigration purposes, I’m at a huge disadvantage in many areas of life, and I’ve enrolled in the Social Integration Program in hopes of creating a secure future. The courses aren’t easy, and studying Korean had to take priority over writing and blogging.

Also, this blog has changed its focus many times. It failed as a vegan journey blog, a general animal advocacy blog, a current affairs blog, a “lost soul in Korea” blog, and so on. It’s now mainly a memorial to Bangsiri and a space to remember other animals I’ve known and loved. I’ve taken posts down because they strayed too far from that blog concept. But I really hope I can update some of my earlier writing, repurpose it, and use it as the basis for a fresh website someday soon.

In the process of reviewing my work, I’m noticing stylistic inconsistencies in my writing and am working to resolve them. This is because I used to favor Canadian English but am now gravitating toward Chicago style. (It goes without saying that I have to resist the tendency to rewrite the whole blog.)

In this Year of the Dog, I’m planning to focus on cats. Cat behavior, cat health, cat comfort, and catification (as Jackson Galaxy would say). My babies are still on dry food, and I hope I can convert them to wet. As you can see from the picture, I’ve taken steps to improve their living space too. Of course, I want that to be just a start.

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