A year without my angel

Since my angel left me one year ago today, there’s been more bad news in my family. My wonderful aunt passed away in July at the age of 98. Then, just a few days ago, my sister’s cat, who spent two weeks with me when he was just a kitten, went very suddenly and unexpectedly at 18.

Today I’m remembering my angel and our life together. I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog that day in 2008, and I was hesitant about fostering. I didn’t think I could handle the responsibility. Still, I joined a group of volunteers at Seoul Station and we all boarded the KTX train together for Daejeon.

The day started out sunny. I walked some shih tzus, brushed a big fluffy Jindo dog, and then walked a little black dog as the snow started falling. That was Jet. I sat by the heater with Jet so he could dry off, and then we were done for the day. I’d decided to leave the shelter without a dog, but at the last minute a tiny dog ran up to me, begging to be picked up and cuddled.

It was love at first cuddle. The little dog was so lovable and angelic that I had to take her home. Ms. Jung, the shelter owner, told me her name and traced it in the snow for me: Bangsiri.

I wasn’t going to keep Bangsiri, but fate had other plans for us. We had eight and a half wonderful years together and she went through many health scares. Then, too soon, I knew our time was running out. I thought we might still have a few more good months together, but I was wrong.

Bangsiri, I miss you every day. You’ll always be my best friend and my beautiful tiny princess.



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