My 2003 foster baby remembers me 

Before there was Bangsiri, there was Bangwuli. My 2003 foster baby, Amber, renamed Bangwuli, still remembers me even though I hadn’t seen her in person since 2008. At approximately fifteen, she’s still happy and healthy, and it was wonderful to see her and take a walk in the park with her and her mother. I made friends with her little sister, Candy the Pekingese, who likes to be the center of attention, and I spent some time cuddling Bangwuli on the park bench and again in front of her house. Since her adoption just before Christmas 2003 I’ve often missed her and worried about her, but after seeing her yesterday I have to admit she has a better life than Bangsiri ever had with me. I hope the visit didn’t leave her feeling sad, and that we’ll have more visits every once in a while.

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