Flashback: Little Airi (reblogged)

This is a continuation of my previous blog post about my time in Japan during the 2006–2007 school year. Some time after I brought Nyao to Tokyo, a stray kitten was found on school grounds and the teachers couldn’t assure me she’d be there the next day. Chances are she would have been gassed to death at the local pound, and I couldn’t let that happen.

Desperate, I boarded her at a vet clinic and alerted rescuers through an online mailing list. Many people offered good advice and leads.

I was about to take the kitten to Yokosuka, where a no-kill organization had offered to provide foster care, but the kitten got sick and needed to stay in the hospital.

Then a miracle happened. The vet offered to waive all fees, sterilize her for free, and find a home for her. The couple who eventually adopted her had just lost a cat to feline leukemia, having rescued him despite his condition. The nurse at the clinic promised that Airi (a cuter and more Japanese-sounding form of Eileen) would be their baby.

When the Fukushima disaster happened, I thought of Airi and wondered if the accident had affected her. The town where I lived was about halfway between Tokyo and Sendai, where the tsunami did the most damage, so it’s very possible. I hope Airi is still safe in the same home, but I have no way of knowing.


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