Resting place

Bangsiri has a resting place now, after all these months. Every day I wonder if her life really had to end that way, if anything else could have been done for her. She was the center of my life for eight and a half years, and sometimes I dream about her—but not nearly as often as I’d like to. My Bangsiri was a special, precious, perfect angel and I was so incredibly lucky to share part of her life.

Since that day in October, I’ve been following online discussions about end-of-life care for furbabies and watching videos about the afterlife for furbabies, but they always raise more questions than they answer. No dog could ever replace Bangsiri, but I wish I were in a position to adopt another dog. There are so many sweet little old dogs in Korea who need homes, but making a commitment like that to another animal just doesn’t feel safe now—not with three elderly cats at home who are going to need more care and more love in the coming years.

Miss you every day, best friend.

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