Three months

Phoenix, Gemma, and Jellybean are taking good care of me, but life isn’t the same without my tiniest angel. It’s been more than three months now, and I haven’t printed out the pictures of Bangsiri that I wanted to give Ms. Jung and other people who knew and loved her. I haven’t been productive in improving this blog or meeting my other writing goals either. I had a sweet little canine visitor over Christmas while her foster mother was out of the country, and it was wonderful to get to know her, but I wasn’t prepared to spend the kind of time with her that a dog needs—that’s one reason I didn’t apply to adopt little Potie, or any other dog. There won’t be any new furkids in this household for a long time, but I would have given anything for a few more good months with Bangsiri.

Today Facebook reminded me of some pictures I posted five years ago—of Bangsiri, Phoenix, Gemma, and the apartment where we were living at the time. I shared the Bangsiri pictures but not the others.

That apartment was nice to look at, but the windows and air conditioner leaked and the utility bills were astronomical. During the monsoon season, I was terrified that the windows would break or the roof would collapse. They didn’t—but moving to that building was the first in a series of missteps that eventually took me and Bangsiri away from each other when we needed each other most.

I was very lucky to have my best friend with me for eight and a half years, but still—I was counting on a few more months. Bangsiri, you’re my perfect angel and I’ll love you forever.

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