Precious furbabies

Gemma is overdue for her annual checkup, and the other day I noticed a bump on her mouth that seemed to be bothering her. Transporting Gemma to the vet is always traumatic, and yesterday was no different. She cried, she made a mess in her carrier, and she made a mess in the towel that Dr. Kwon used to restrain her when he put the needle in to aspirate fluid from the bump. She didn’t, however, fight or struggle to get away and I commented on how “good” she was being for Dr. Kwon. (Another way of putting it is that she was shut down because she was so terrified.)

Poor Gemma needed a partial shower when we got home, and she has to take medicine for a week and go back to the hospital when the test results are in. Dr. Kwon said it didn’t look like cancer, but he described it as a “weird bump” and said the liquid inside it was weird too.

As for Bangsiri, she’s getting good care at the hospital where she stays during the day and the nurses tell me she’s eating and sleeping well. At home, she’ll drink from a bottle as long as I put a sweet spread on the nozzle for herI’m not sure she’d drink on her own if I fastened the water bottle to her fence. Also, this morning she made a mess and urgently needed her paws cleaned, so I gave her a sponge bath using baby wipes and a big scoop of warm water while she was standing on pee pads in a small, fenced-in area. She was really calm and didn’t move around much, even when I immersed all four paws while holding onto her torso.

Bangsiri got mostly good results at her checkup on the weekend, but it seems that her kidneys may be at risk even though they’re still functioning normally (based on her bloodwork). Dr. Choi was concerned about their shape when he scanned her with ultrasound equipment.

She hasn’t been getting walks because she needed to rest for a few weeks, but now Dr. Choi says she can take short walks again. I haven’t started walking her yet because Seoul’s pollution levels have been so high, and I’m not sure if the air quality will be good enough after work. I really hope so.

Also, testing and transportation are extremely stressful for her now, and I’m thinking that it may be best for us to move closer to the hospital where she gets her heart checkups. But that hospital isn’t open twenty-four hours a day, so I’d have to see if I could arrange daycare at a neighboring hospital and if so, what the cost would be. It’s a more expensive neighborhood, and it’s further from work, so I’d have to get a smaller place and spend more time commuting (maybe an extra ten minutes each way). I have another month to decide, because my lease expires in May.

Furbabies, be healthy …

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