Close calls and false starts

When I started a “new” blog sometime last year—that is, when I attempted to create a separate online presence with a new focus—I had plenty of story ideas to pursue. The problem was finding the time to go out and research those stories without compromising time with my four furkids. Even though I have a lot of down time at work I found that I didn’t have enough time to follow up and do the research. In the end, retiring the other domain and integrating the two blogs turned out to be the logical choice.

I feel terrible having no idea what’s going on at Daejeon Paws (Ms. Jung, the shelter owner, is Bangsiri’s original rescuer), and no idea if there’s any way to help my Jindo friends who seem to have become permanent shelter residents. As far as I know, those beautiful dogs are all still chained up and living outdoors. If you’re an animal person based in Daejeon, I’d love to see pictures of Vanilla (aka Teolsuni), Samsuni, Kangaroo (aka Jinseok), Brownie, Angel and Hwinsuni. I’d love to hear how they’re doing, but going to Daejeon isn’t practical when I have four babies at home and the bills are piling up.

Jellybean was groomed in September and came through the procedure with no ill effects—however, she had a traumatic day at the vet clinic and I got a big vet bill. (This is because grooming for Jellybean always involves general anesthetic and pre-anesthesia blood tests.) A skin irritation that I was worried about turned out to be nothing, but I found out that Jellybean had lost quite a bit of weight since her last check-up. I don’t know how worried I should be, but the vets say she’s older than I originally thought and I may need to bring her in for more tests.

Bangsiri had a very close call in September in which she wasn’t hurt but could easily have been crushed and killed when I tripped and fell forward on the pavement in Sinchon. She was thrown from her carrier and cried, but Dr. Choi (from Mari, not Diana) examined her right after it happened and found no signs of injury. I ended up with a bruise on my chin and a broken tooth. After five weeks a dentist was finally able to make it look normal, but I’ve gotten very nervous walking Bangsiri in such a crowded neighbourhood with so little green space (not the one in the picture).

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