Six years today

This is a very difficult letter to write to you. We had a very bad day yesterday. 

I have slept with Snoopy in our guest room Saturday and Sunday night. He stayed curled up close to me.

Yesterday (Monday) something changed suddenly in his demeanor. He wasn’t eating like he had and he was having difficulty walking. I decided to take him to my vet at the emergency hospital and not wait til Tuesday. 

My vet is marvelous and he met me there….he spent a lot of time assessing Snoopy. Took X-rays etc.

Snoopy went into congestive heart failure. His heart was grossly enlarged and his lungs were filled with fluid. By this point he was having great difficulty with every breath. There was nothing we could do. He was failing rapidly. [I] held him in my arms and sang to him and the vet and I together let him pass peacefully. …

I’d met Michele at the Vancouver airport in August 2009 and handed Snoopy over after arranging the adoption months in advance with a rescue based in Regina. It was a long flight, but he slept through most of it and seemed fine at the end. I wanted to give him a last hug, and maybe I did, but I think I was too tired.

Michele emailed me while I was still in Vancouver; in her message she goes on to say he’d seemed happy and content until he got sick. Many people sent supportive messages when I told them the terrible news, but I’ll always regret getting on that plane.

Even though it was a stressful time in my life, I look back with nostalgia on the six months that Snoopy (aka Aji) spent with my family in Pyeongchon.

I love you, Snoopy. I miss you, and so do your sisters.

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