My picky princess

Princess Bangsiri has been getting good results at her monthly heart checkups—her last one was on Saturday, and her heart health is stable. Sometimes she seems tired when out on walks, and sometimes she seems a bit unsteady on her feet, but she still enjoys going outside. Overall, I think she’s happy and content, but I’m worried about her weight.

A couple of months ago her appetite declined and her weight dropped to its lowest point in seven years. I changed her food (unfortunately nonvegan brands were the only real option) and she’s slowly regaining weight, but I worry that she should be gaining faster.

These days, we go to the 24-hour clinic twice a day and a vet administers her medicine because it was way too frustrating trying to get her to swallow capsules. For about a month starting in April, she took her medicine hidden in peanut butter just like the old days. Then, in May, she started refusing peanut butter again. Cat food worked a few times, but not consistently—sometimes she licked the cat food but kept spitting out the capsule until it finally dissolved.

At the hospital, one person holds her and another person uses a syringe to squirt medicine directly into her mouth. She hates the taste, but it’s the only way to keep her heart stable if she won’t cooperate, and the vets know how to do it safely and reliably. I can’t do it at home, because she struggles and moves her head around when I try.

The 24-hour clinic is about twenty minutes from my home by bus, which isn’t that far—but considering the number of trips we need to make, I’d rather live much closer. I’ve decided to move to a new place next month, and that’s going to mean an intensive month of cleaning and packing.

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