Bangsiri had a checkup before the Lunar New Year holiday, and the vet says she got younger! I also learned a few things:

–  Bangsiri’s appetite changes could be related to changes in her prescription.

–  The textbook that says Bangsiri has already exceeded her life expectancy may be out of date. (New drugs have been developed since the book was published.)

–  At some point Bangsiri had “subclinical” pancreatitis, a problem related to her heart condition (her heart wasn’t supplying enough blood to her pancreas). Apparently she doesn’t have it anymore.

But in spite of the good news, she’s gotten very, very picky over the past few weeks and that’s resulted in a few missed doses. Sometimes I can still hide a capsule in a little cat food (she’s completely lost interest in peanut butter), but at other times the only way to give medicine is to inject it into her mouth with a syringe (without the needle). When I did this at home about a month ago, it was very stressful because she panicked and moved her head around. I think she got most of her dose, but her fur got wet and she made a mess in her carrier. (I put her in the carrier to get her to stand still.) Since then, on nine occasions I’ve had to take her to the closest 24-hour vet clinic and ask for help. It’s safer that way, because a nurse can hold her while a vet gives the medicine, but it means getting up early before work—the bus trip takes about an hour both ways. There’s not much else to say for now except … I love my picky princess.

2 thoughts on “Picky

  1. It’s a struggle sometimes to get medicine into reluctant dogs. Millie has to have a high dose of fish oil every day – luckily she loves the taste of the fish oil on her food, but I can never put whole capsules in, she just leaves them. This means I have to cut them open with a scissors and risk having the fish oil spray out all over me so I smell like an old sardine all day. Still, at least I don’t have to get a bus to the vet’s each time – poor you, and poor Bangsiri! I hope her health continues to improve, she’s such a little sweetheart.

  2. Thanks, Annabelle, she was doing well for about a week or so … taking her medicine at home in cat food and eating well at most meals, although she sometimes still needs encouragement to eat. Then this morning she refused her morning dose, and it was too late to take her to the hospital because I had to leave for work. She’s having her checkup tonight, and I’m hopeful that we’ll get good news. All the best to Millie. 🙂

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