Precious Mila, taken too soon

Last night I was shocked to hear about a tragic death that could have been prevented.

Mila was a tiny, lovable Maltese found wandering in the street during a search for another lost dog. I never met her, but I knew her rescuer, and their story was part of a newspaper article I wrote several months ago. Mila eventually became part of the rescuer’s family when her original family couldn’t be found.

On Monday afternoon I was at work when a message appeared on Facebook: Mila had been attacked by another dog and was covered in blood. She was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery, but died soon after leaving the hospital.

Of course there’s no way of knowing what might have influenced Mila’s chances of survival after the surgery, but I knew her rescuer was struggling to take care of two dogs and cope with other life changes. I didn’t offer to help because I already had four animals of my own, and considering recent events I didn’t think I could handle a fifth. I wish I could have helped this beautiful little dog. This tragedy is also a warning to watch over the little angels under our care and be aware of dangerous situations all around us.

My thoughts are with Mia and Fuzzy. I know they miss Mila and will never forget her.

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