Welcome home, princess!

I am happy to say that Bangsiri recovered from her pressure wound and got out of the hospital after two weeks. For a week after her release, she needed daily visits to Diana to have her bandage changed. Then it was every other day, and last week the bandage finally came off. I have to put two kinds of ointment on her legs now—one on the scabby left leg where the bandage used to be, and one on her right foot and hock joint, where the skin has gotten dry and irritated.

We were very lucky. Things could have been so much worse, and it’s such a relief to see Bangsiri walking around again. She gave me a million kisses the day I took her home from the hospital, and I know she was as happy to be home as I was to have her home.

But she needs more exercise, and she seems less energetic than she did when she first left the hospital. When we take a walk, she walks a few steps and then stops. A few days ago she also began coughing again and her breathing got much rougher, as if she had a bad cold. The vet told me it was a problem with her trachea and wasn’t life-threatening. He said it may have gotten worse all of a sudden because her prescription was adjusted (as a result of the leg wound), and he gave me more medicine to control the coughing.

Unfortunately, despite medication that is supposed to increase her appetite, Bangsiri is a picky eater again. It’s concerning because she’s lost weight, and I’m worried that I’m going to have to resort to nonvegan food to get her to eat. Benevo Duo is no longer available in Korea and the manufacturer of Natural Balance says the company’s canned vegan formula is out of stock. Bangsiri loved AmiDog canned just two weeks ago but then she suddenly began refusing it. For a while after that, soaked AmiCat kibble was her new favourite, but she changed her mind in no time.

Jellybean was treated for digestive problems, possibly related to parasites she picked up before she came to me, but the problems haven’t gone away. It looks as if she’s going to need a separate prescription diet, and that’s going to mean putting an end to free feeding for all the babies in my household. If that becomes necessary, it’s going to be a big change.

While all this was going on, I didn’t take time to mention the Bread Blue, a coffee shop/bakery in Sinchon where all the bakery items are vegan. There’s a huge variety to choose from, even vegan Peperos on Pepero Day! I never celebrate Pepero Day, but this year I bought some vegan Peperos for the vets and staff at the Diana Veterinary Hospital to thank them for taking care of my princesses.

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