Poor Jellybean

Jellybean, my Persian cat baby, is having a terrible day today. Her fur got so matted that professional grooming under anesthetic was the only solution, so I had to keep her in a crate all night with no food or water. I took her to Diana in a taxi early this afternoon, and she meowed most of the way. Her appointment had to be pushed back (extending the time she has to wait in a cage), so she won’t be able to eat or drink until late tonight. She’s also terrified of strangers.

Bangsiri is still in the hospital and the vets say her leg is healing well. It’s heartbreaking to be separated from her at night, but I visit her every day and take her for rides in her carrier. She’s very quiet and can’t go for walks yet, but the vets say she’ll be able to walk once she’s better (maybe next week).

I’m waiting for a document to arrive from Canada before I can start my new job, and the process has taken much longer than I expected. The Canada Post website says it’s arrived in Seoul, so maybe I’ll get it today? I’m hopeful that everything will be settled this week and I’ll make a smooth transition.

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