Bangsiri is in the hospital

My princess is in the hospital, recovering from a bad pressure sore on her leg.

When she went for her cardiology checkup on the 11th, it was good news—stable heart function, stable kidney and liver function, no cause for concern. But one leg was bothering her, and the vet (not Dr. Hyun, another vet, because Dr. Hyun couldn’t be there in person and could only check her results electronically) said she’d torn a ligament and needed to wear a bandage for at least a week.

The bandage was like a cast—it was very heavy and caused her to lose her balance and fall over. Often she’d get stuck on the floor and needed help getting back up, but within a day or two she seemed more mobile. That week she enjoyed short walks in the park, but some days were better than others.

Six days after she got the bandage, Bangsiri had an accident on the floor and fell in it. She was filthy, so I took her in a day early to get the bandage removed. I asked the clinic to give her a bath too.

I noticed Bangsiri limping after the bandage was taken off—that was concerning, but still I went along with the vet’s decision to put on a new bandage. That day, Friday, I took her to the park and she had a longer walk than usual—she may have fallen over a few times, but each time I helped her get up and encouraged her to walk around.

On Saturday she took shorter walks. She seemed uncomfortable, but I didn’t think the situation was urgent. I gave her a painkiller and it seemed to help. Then on Sunday morning, she seemed very uncomfortable and I wanted to take her to the vet—but again, a painkiller seemed to help, and after taking a few steps in the park she took a long nap at home. I thought she was better.

Just before bedtime on Sunday night, I saw that she was in pain again and I noticed an open wound near her tail. I decided to take her in a taxi to the emergency hospital, where the vet on duty talked with one of her regular vets. Over the phone, he explained her condition and her prescriptions to the emergency vet and then asked me to bring her in the next day.

Bangsiri slept well Sunday night after getting a painkiller at the emergency hospital, but she was in a lot of pain Monday morning and she refused her heart medicine. She also couldn’t walk at all—she needed me to hold her up so she could use the pee pad, and she cried when I moved her.

When we got to Diana, the vet took the bandage off her leg and she screamed. There was blood and pus everywhere, and the nurse was holding her legs up in the air so the vet could work.

Bangsiri needs to be hospitalized, maybe for as long as two or three weeks because of her age and her heart. She needs her bandage changed three times a day, she’s lost a patch of skin from her leg, and she can’t exercise. The good news is that she was better yesterday than the day before, and her heart was stable even after everything she’d been through. I’m on my way to visit her now, and I hope we’ll be back together soon.

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