A brief update

My beautiful princess had another checkup last week, and her heart is smaller and stronger. This is amazing news! Usually a condition like Bangsiri’s only gets worse with age, but her vet says a handful of his patients have improved. He thinks the deciding factor is a devoted “owner,” but I think he’s just being nice.

I want to be more devoted to Bangsiri and the kitties, but the past few weeks have been stressful and our tiny studio has gotten extremely cramped. All the fur-kids need more attention. We’re moving to a nicer place in the next two weeks, and I’m getting ready to start a new job.

Also, a few days ago there was terrible news from Halifax: Francesca lost her appeal to save her dog Brindi, whom the municipal government falsely labeled vicious in 2008 and wanted to kill. I wrote about Brindi several years ago, but I eventually took my essay down because it was out of date. I’ve been dragging my feet on plans to follow up, but I’m very sad to hear of the court’s uncompassionate decision.

My heart goes out to Brindi, who’s been a prisoner for most of her life now; and to Francesca, who’s fought so hard to save her best friend. I hope, somehow, precious Brindi can still be saved.

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