Beautiful Tanpoong is safe

One day in March we received terrible news about one of the sweetest, nicest dogs from Ms. Jung’s original shelter (the one where I adopted Bangsiri). Tanpoong, who moved from Daejeon to Asan in 2008 and got adopted in 2010, had escaped out on a walk while her mother was out of town.

I was there the day Tanpoong left the Asan shelter in 2010 after being homeless for about four years. (Ms. Jung had saved her from being turned into meat.) She got a wonderful home, and I thought it was safe to stop worrying about her, but of course it’s never safe to stop worrying.

Tanpoong was missing for five days when Jane (her mom) learned from a neighbor that she’d returned on her own the morning after she got loose. Jane wasn’t home, Tanpoong ran into a neighbor’s apartment, and for some reason that person called the authorities and had Tanpoong taken away. Finally, she was located at a clinic and reunited with Jane.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that our beautiful angel is safe, but this incident raises so many questions about Korea’s so-called “system” to protect lost and homeless animals. Why did Jane’s neighbors have Tanpoong taken away from her own building? Who physically forced her into a vehicle and took her away? Why didn’t the clinic scan Tanpoong for a microchip, and why didn’t they post her picture on immediately?

Sofia (TP’s volunteer supporter, now in Germany) discovered the picture after Jane had already contacted the clinic where Tanpoong was being held. I’d been checking the site for days, and I know Jane had checked too. As of this update in June 2014, I know of two active searches for missing dogs in and around Seoul. Chances are whoever found those dogs hasn’t turned them in because animal people don’t trust the authorities. And who can blame them?

More posters are desperately needed to find Fuzzy in Mok-dong and Onyong in Bundang. I wish I knew what else to do.

(Featured image: Me and Tanpoong sometime in 2010)

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