Moving to a tiny studio with four furkids

The move from our nice apartment in Nowon to a tiny studio a few subway stations away has been one disaster after another. I moved to save money, but because of these complications I’ll probably end up losing more money than I saved. One good thing I can say is that the babies are adjusting well to the tiny living space. I also reconnected with a pet taxi service that I thought might have gone out of business—it turns out the same phone number connects callers to different drivers now (not the person who used to drive the van a few years ago). I booked several trips using a free translation service and got two different drivers, both of whom were very nice and helpful. They helped move the babies and my stuff too. If I had my own relocation service, I’d probably have refused to go near the narrow alley and dangerous staircase I asked them to deal with.

My new place is way too small for all the boxes I brought with me, but I found out there are several storage rooms in the building and somehow everything fits. If I’d known that, I might have moved to this building a year and a half ago. I miss the parks and green space in Nowon, but there’s a park seven minutes away from where I live now.


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