Bladder stone

Phoenix had to spend a night in the hospital in November after I suddenly noticed she was having trouble peeing. She had surgery to remove a bladder stone the next morning.

Phoenix is terrified of doctors and hospitals; Dr. Kwon sent her home early because she couldn’t cope with the strange environment. She was under so much stress that she was making a mess of her cage and refusing to cooperate with the clinic staff, so there was no way to keep her incision clean in the hospital. There was a very close call that night after the taxi dropped us off at home: somehow she escaped from her backpack-style carrier, but she was too disoriented to run away. I grabbed her before she had a chance to bolt.

She was much calmer at home, and she recovered quickly. Unfortunately, she needs medicine and a crystal prevention diet. Because my cats are used to sharing space and food bowls, and because Gemma is Phoenix’s biological sister with all the same risk factors, I decided to switch all three cats to Phoenix’s crystal prevention formula. I wish there were a vegan crystal prevention formula, but pet food companies aren’t under any real pressure to develop one as long as humans keep eating nonvegan foods.

I love Phoenix, and I hope her next check-up will bring good news. Thanks to everyone out there who sent supportive messages. No thanks to the trolls and haters.

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