Last days in Nowon

Once again, I’m reorganizing my blog and pruning posts that don’t work (too wordy, too disorganized, not polished enough). At the same time, I need to organize my boxes so I can move to a new place before the semester starts. No more beautiful parks and streams to take Bangsiri for walks—green space is almost nonexistent in our new neighborhood. But there’s a small yard outside, and there are dog-friendly shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Bangsiri had her checkup yesterday and the cardiologist thinks her heart will keep working for at least a year, but he can’t say what will happen with her kidneys or liver or other organs. She has a 3.5-millimeter cyst on one kidney and there’s no way of knowing how serious it is yet. Hopefully not at all. She’s starting rhubarb extract pills and I hope that will help.

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