Happy 10th

I told Amber’s story on my first blog and briefly mentioned her on this blog too, but there’s more. Amber was on the roof of my old building, in the landlords’ vegetable garden, for reasons I never understood. She had no collar and no microchip; if she had a family somewhere, there was no way to find them.

It was 2003. I didn’t know about www.angel.or.kr or www.animal.go.kr and they may not have existed back then. Animal Rescue Korea didn’t exist. It was a choice between trusting a Korean rescue group and trusting the police, and I chose the former.

We only spent five weeks together, but Amber cried the day I delivered her to her new home in Asan. Over the next few years I made three visits—the last one was in March 2008, while Bangsiri was in the hospital getting sterilized. Each time I visited, Amber cried when I left. Now that I’ve settled down with a dog and three cats, I think about her more and more. I still miss her, and I often wished we could have stayed together even though I know she has a good home.

On Christmas day I sent an e-mail to Amber’s mother to wish them a happy 10th anniversary. She sent me some pictures of Amber with her young nephew (Amber’s human cousin), and I can see she’s still safe and loved. Beautiful Amber, I hope you’re happy with the life you have now.

Amber and Candy during our last visit in 2008:


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