Places we go

Bangsiri and I don’t go everywhere together, but we go to many places where dogs aren’t supposed to be. She’s so tiny and cute that the local Starbucks tolerates her. Sometimes if I go there without her, the cashier will ask about her.

We like to walk to the department store together—she walks part way, and I carry her the rest of the way in her pouch. Usually we pass through a park; often we do some shopping too. Just outside the underground entrance to the department store there’s a coffee shop called Café 365, which sells organic fair trade coffee. Across the hall is a thrift shop called 365, owned by the same company.

The staff of Café 365 knows Bangsiri well. For a while I used to meet a Korean tutor there, but I didn’t bring Bangsiri with me to lessons. One day the nice, quiet café filled up suddenly and there were cameras everywhere—a politician was campaigning there, and the tutor and I were in the middle of the action.

Thankful for the time I have with my beautiful princess.

4 thoughts on “Places we go

      1. It really does – she’s a cutie! I just read the story behind her and I’m glad she was able to join a wonderful home 🙂

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