More worrying

Bangsiri missed her medicine on Monday morning. I thought the surgery had put an end to her picky eating, but I guess I was wrong because she wouldn’t touch the peanut butter I offered. Last Sunday, I’d resorted to nonvegan cat food for the first (and last) time since March.

She’s doing better now, and yesterday’s checkup brought good news (no major changes since last month), but her appetite is still inconsistent. We both had a long day because I had to drop her off at the hospital early in the morning and pick her up after school.

When we got home, there was a big mushy pile of shit in the bathtub—with blood in it. Per the vet’s instructions, Jellybean is isolated in the den away from food and water. I hope it’s nothing serious.

One thought on “More worrying

  1. The digestive upset seems to have been a one-time thing, and Jellybean is doing well except for her runny eyes. She’s getting eyedrops three times a day, and they seem to be helping.

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