Jellybean is back

When I had Jellybean examined at a local clinic in Nowon before her adoption, the vet diagnosed moderate gingivitis. Yesterday Dr. Kwon found much more serious problems in her mouth. Apparently when Jellybean was a kitten she developed a “wry bite” and her jaws became malformed, so her adult teeth couldn’t grow in properly. This eventually led to a tooth fracture, bone loss, and serious gum disease. Dr. Kwon removed all the teeth on the upper left side of her mouth, plus a few others, and Jellybean is recovering in the hospital for a few days.

When she’s better, she’ll have to come home with me because her family decided to return her for attacking men. I can understand their feelings, but I don’t feel I can go through the adoption screening process again. I also don’t feel I can offer her the good permanent home she needs. Shelters here are overburdened and full of diseases—even the “good” one I thought might be able to help. A cat café owner who had talked about taking her is struggling to care for 15 cats and four dogs, so the cat café is out of the question too.

Today I contacted the Canadian rescuer who helped place Pedro and Snoopy. She’s a trustworthy person and I know her rescue can provide a safety net if an adoption doesn’t work out. The rescuer said she’ll take Jellybean and find a home for her in Canada if I can get her on a plane.

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