Conspiracy theory

Copper was one of many Daejeon shelter babies to get another chance. He moved to Asan in December 2008, and I was there the day he left for his foster home in February 2009. But a few days later a mass email went out to the volunteers: Somehow Copper had escaped from his foster home and was missing. His foster mother looked everywhere, and Hyunjoo  (a shelter volunteer) made phone calls every day to the vet clinic responsible for strays in the area. There was no sign of him.

He must have been missing for at least a week if not two, and hope was fading. I thought something bad must have happened to Copper, but his friends didn’t give up. One weekend a group of volunteers combed the neighborhood where he’d wandered off, and Ms. Jung traveled to the suburbs of Seoul to join the search party. She walked through the streets calling him, and the volunteers spent hours talking to the neighbors.

Their efforts paid off and Copper was found safe that day. Someone had apparently picked him up and thought no one was looking for him. Copper was returned to his foster mother and eventually adopted.

I wrote about many of my dog and cat friends in a 2010 New Year’s blog post, but somehow I forgot to mention Copper. I edited my post only after someone joined the Animal Liberation Front board under the nickname “Copper.”

Before ARZone took off, there was a similar site called Animal Rights Book. In a discussion about tactics, one participant cited the work of “Gary Lancione.”

Was there some reason for that choice of spelling, I asked?

“Simple human error,” the person replied, saying I was the only one complaining.

A while later, someone registered at the ALF site under the nickname “Lancione.”

Much later, I wrote an angry blog post about the death of my tiny friend Donya. I titled it “Angry.” It wasn’t long before someone registered on Dave’s ESL Café using the nickname “Irritated.”

If I believed in conspiracies, I’d say there was a conspiracy to waste my time.

(Featured image: Insadong, a pretty area of Seoul.)

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