A year later, Bangsiri is getting weaker

Bangsiri went to a cardiologist on the weekend, the same one as last year. We didn’t have to go to Chuncheon this time because the cardiologist works in Seoul once a week.

The results came as a shock. Even though her appetite is much better than it was a year ago, and her symptoms haven’t changed in any way that I can notice, my angel’s heart is much bigger and she needs a much higher dose of medicine. What’s equally shocking is I’d taken her to the vet every month for her checkups and there was no warning that her condition was becoming more serious. Earlier this month I suspected she might be getting weaker, but then she seemed better and I hoped it was just the change of seasons.

Bangsiri needs to see the cardiologist every two months and I should know more about her condition in December. Please, be aggressive about getting specialist care for your babies if you think they need it.

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