Early warning signs?

The transition from foreign worker to foreign student did not go smoothly, but finally I have more time to spend with Bangsiri and we’re taking more walks by the stream or in the park. I don’t know whether she’s happy about the new schedule or just confused. She always wants to be in my lap when I sit at the computer, but that’s not conducive to getting work done. Sometimes, to concentrate, I have to go to a coffee shop or a Loving Hut without her.

Four years after the first x-ray showed Bangsiri’s heart was enlarged, I’m no closer to any real answers about her condition. It’s been a year since she had all those tests in Chuncheon and I just found out the cardiologist who saw her spends one day a week in Seoul. She has an appointment on the 27th, but I worry that she’s getting weaker. She’s eating, and she enjoys her walks, but lately she gets tired faster. Her breathing worries me just like Snoopy’s did in our last few weeks together. I ask the vets what early warning signs I should look for, but vets are evasive.

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