Thank you for walking beside me and being my friend

Bangsiri is eating really well now and is always hungry for her canned vegan food—the only nonvegan products she gets now are medicine and supplements, which I guess I have to live with. She still enjoys her walks, but I worry about her knees. On Sunday she was having trouble walking—she was slipping and falling over in the apartment, so I picked her up and put her in her pouch for a few minutes before putting her on the bed. Then she was fine—she had a short walk, then a bath, then some time up on the roof. Then I took her to a get-together for dogs and she had fun.

She also has terrible teeth, and the vet says brushing and gels won’t help. Before that he’d said surgery was too risky, but now it’s not clear what we should do. I’ve been putting off a decision because I can’t live with the risk, but I also don’t know what my angel’s mouth feels like. I love her so much.

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