Always loved, always missed

When I said goodbye to Pedro in December 2010, I knew he was going to a foster home in Toronto and that there was a good chance his foster mother would adopt him. When I went to their home for a quick visit in February 2011, I thought it was settled. But that adoption didn’t happen, and Pedro went to another home—the adopter and I talked briefly on Facebook and then she suddenly stopped keeping in touch.

For months I pushed for updates and pictures, and once I had a very disturbing dream. I was waiting to meet Pedro and his new guardian in a coffee shop and they never showed up. I called, and the call was very confusing. I couldn’t make out every word the woman (Pedro’s adopter) was saying, but she was very upset. She didn’t want to hear from me or see me, and she wouldn’t say how Pedro was.

Then finally, I got some pictures of Pedro in his new home! I know he’s safe. What a perfect angel. The day after I got the e-mail, Amber’s site was updated too.

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