Babies and foster babies

Phoenix and Gemma are super lovable and affectionate (of course they were always lovable and affectionate). They still need more attention, and Bangsiri is super jealous of the attention they do get. They aren’t completely vegan, but they eat vegan for long stretches of time. Ami Cat is no longer available in Korea because of a problem at customs, so I’ve switched to a Taiwanese brand I bought at Loving Hut. (The franchise owner feeds it to her own cat.) Phoenix and Gemma eat the new food, but they definitely prefer Ami.

When Bangsiri’s pickiness forces me to resort to animal products, I usually give the kitties a taste so they won’t try to steal from her—nowadays they’ll even steal vegan dog food if given the opportunity. I haven’t tested their urine yet, I keep meaning to, and it’s going to be stressful. They enjoy the view in the new officetel, but I’d like to make the place more cat-friendly.

Oliver, also known as Ollie or Pilot, my 2010 foster kitten who was adopted out and brought back three times, has been in a stable home for more than a year. When a similar-looking cat was picked up as a stray and the lost cat’s picture popped up on Facebook, I got scared and wrote to Ollie’s mother. She wrote back to thank me for looking out for him, and said she’d be devastated if he were missing.

Still no pictures of Yangee or detailed updates—more than a year later—but I did receive a text message a while ago. Yangee is happy, healthy, and still in the same home.

Very little information forthcoming on Pedro, but this morning I got a text message that gave me some hope of more pictures and updates. Tiny Pedro, I hope you’re happy with the life you have now.

Amber, the dog I found in 2003, is still in the same home eight years later. Her blog isn’t updated as often as I would like, but I saw some new pictures of her in February. I wish I could visit my angel Amber, but I worry that a visit would only upset her. I love you, Amber.

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