My reactive dog-baby

I love my beautiful, perfect, tiny angel. We had our fourth anniversary on February 9 and she was unusually hungry that whole week—for the first time she ate dry Ami Dog (a vegan brand that comes in “small bites for small breeds”) and didn’t have to be coaxed. She cleaned her bowl every day and sometimes got hungry between meals. But the pickiness came back, and I felt I had to give her some nonvegan food to prevent her from starving herself. Now she eats vegan food most of the time, but her pickiness comes and goes in what seem to be random cycles.

I also spoke with a trainer and we talked about Bangsiri’s tendency to get scared and bark at strangers. To solve the problem, I have to be prepared with fake hot dog pieces every time we leave the apartment so Bangsiri thinks “where’s my treat?” when she sees a strange human or dog. Unfortunately I’m rarely prepared and rarely take the treat out in time—but she doesn’t bark constantly and when she does she’s still lovable, cute and precious. Many restaurants and coffee shops tolerate her as long as she’s tucked safely in her pouch.

There’s a bump on her paw that she always wants to lick, which makes the swelling worse. She was on antibiotics for two weeks and then on the weekend I dug through my boxes and found the bitter-tasting liquid I’d bought months ago. It seems to help, a little, but I’m not sure if it’s helping enough.

During the week of our anniversary I thought her cough seemed a little better, but since then I’ve gotten very worried. It was a very cold winter and Bangsiri missed many trips outside, but yesterday was a beautiful spring day and a public holiday and we had two nice walks near the stream. I was careful to balance time walking with time in her pouch so she wouldn’t get too tired, and she seemed fine. It’s mainly at night that she scares me with episodes that go beyond coughing. Asthma attacks? I don’t know, but for three nights in a row she’s given me a serious scare.

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