My beautiful tiny stubborn princess

Bangsiri isn’t as sick as I thought, and the cardiologist says she doesn’t need a low-sodium diet. That means everything is back to normal, I can purge my home of animal products, and she’ll eat just like she did a year ago. Right?

Wrong. She forces me to mix animal products into her food or she’ll refuse to eat. Even then, she may still refuse to eat. If I leave the food out and wait for her to get hungry, it will go bad or the cats will steal it.

Worst of all is her refusal to take medicine. She needs it twice a day, and she used to take it in syrup or baby food or tomato juice. She’d happily lick it up, and it was like a treat for her, but over the past few months she’s gotten more and more stubborn. Yesterday I gave her a capsule with some peanut butter, but this morning she licked the peanut butter off the capsule and wouldn’t swallow it until I added two different kinds of canned food. And I’m not supposed to give this medicine in food at all!

Forcing a pill or liquid into her mouth is going to be impossible because she panics and moves her head around so fast. Unless I can work with a trainer to get her to cooperate, I’ve just paid for a month’s worth of worthless powder.

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