Good news from Chuncheon

A cardiologist in Chuncheon ran all kinds of tests on my princess and it looks as if she’s not in the late stages of heart failure after all—just the middle stage. She could live as long as any other dog. All that medicine may not have been necessary. Prescription food may not be necessary.

When I first heard the news I was so relieved, I didn’t rush home but stopped along the way for lunch and dinner. Bangsiri seemed fine, but she cried a bit on the bus. (I had to crate her and she hated it, even though I kept the crate on my lap.)

But when we got back home that evening, she refused food and medicine. She refused again the next morning despite several attempts and I was a wreck all day at work, but last night she seemed a little better. She’s still picking at her food, but I think we have more time together. I’ll never stop worrying about her.

Anachronistic feature image: taken in a park shortly after Bangsiri came home with me. I soon realized that she needed a leash at all times, even in the park.

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