Sixty-one conversations

I did a search for “Bangsiri” on Animal Rescue Korea today and 61 threads came up! I reread her original adoption listing and remembered how embarrassed I was when a shelter volunteer criticized her first haircut. (I was fostering her at the time, and I thought she looked cute!)

Bangsiri is probably about 10-11 years old now (I don’t know her exact age) and her health still has me very worried, but fortunately I’ve been able to manage her condition with medication. She’s been my best friend for three and a half years, and I’m completely in love with her. She often comes with me to coffee shops, restaurants and department stores and she loves being carried around in her pouch.

Last year Bangsiri and her foster brother Pedro (now adopted and living in Canada) had a wonderful time at the Mari Animal Hospital’s annual picnic. I was exhausted, but it was important to me to make the effort to take them to a fun event. This year there’s no way we’ll make it because of an assignment that’s dragged on forever. Worse yet, I had to say no to a Daejeon Paws trip and a vegan cooking class the same weekend.

Beautiful princess Bangsiri, please stay with me forever.

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