Bangsiri and Brindi (thoughts on a rainy day)

This weekend Bangsiri got shorter walks because of the heat. Last night and this morning, the rain cut her walks short.

Rainy days are bad for Bangsiri because of the atmospheric pressure. In July I wrote about a tiring rainy day when we stayed out together almost all night, and I was so afraid of losing her that I frantically looked around for a vet after midnight.

Bedtime that night was early in the morning, and I was more grateful than ever for the precious angel I have in my life. I cuddled her in bed and thanked her for staying with me another day.

Since then Bangsiri’s coughing hasn’t improved, but I’ve gotten used to it. I tell myself I’m lucky to have her, and I tell her we’ll have better days.

Francesca Rogier can’t cuddle her dog, Brindi, at night. Every night, she knows Brindi is sleeping in a cage. She worries about her dog’s health too—she’s afraid Brindi is deteriorating physically and mentally as dogs do when they are caged long term. She’s given up on visitation because visits might do more harm than good by giving Brindi false hope.

Brindi lived in a cage for two years while Francesca fought Halifax city authorities and spent thousands of dollars in hopes of overturning a heavy-handed execution order. The city believed Brindi was dangerous because she’d been in a few scuffles with other dogs—even though none of the dogs had been seriously injured, and even though Brindi had never harmed a human.

Francesca took steps to stop Brindi from escaping again: she fenced the yard and hired a trainer. That wasn’t enough for the city. They refused to negotiate, and they spent thousands to fight Francesca in court while refusing to release Brindi under any circumstances. Finally, in 2010, a miracle happened and Brindi went free.

I’m not sure exactly why Brindi was abducted again and I get the feeling Francesca is afraid to speak as openly as she did the first time. But I know Francesca lost control of Brindi for a split second, there was a minor incident with another dog, and a neighbor reported her. That was a year ago and Brindi must have spent half her life behind bars if not longer. Francesca is inconsolable, and her supporters feel powerless to help.

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