Feeling ill-researched and ill-prepared

Since I last wrote about Bangsiri, her appetite has improved and she’s back on prescription food. I’ve been storing it in the freezer—the old batch smelled rancid, and that’s probably why she wouldn’t eat it. She eats canned food mixed with kibble, and she almost always eats everything in front of her now. For the past few days she’s taken her medicine in vegan baby food, and she still enjoys fresh vegetables as treats. Even so, I’m pessimistic about the chances of getting her to eat vegan meals again.

I’m also very, very concerned about Bangsiri’s cough and her abnormal breathing. Every day and every night for the past week I’ve seriously worried that she could stop breathing.

It’s depressing to have to admit how ill-researched and ill-prepared I was when faced with this illness. I knew Bangsiri’s heart wasn’t normal, and I knew it could get worse. I wish I’d known it was possible to get online nutrition consultations and customized recipes for animals with specific medical conditions. PetDIETS.com is not a vegan-oriented site, but the vets who operate it seem willing to accommodate vegan feeding preferences for at least some dogs. I submitted a vegan question to the site and so far I’ve only received a form response, but I’ll pass on whatever I learn.

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