My beautiful picky tiny princess

Bangsiri was almost vegan for three years. In March, when her health took a turn for the worse, the vets were adamant that she needed a prescription diet. Now they say it’s not so important, and the new prescription is “whatever she’ll eat.”

From the beginning I wanted to ignore their advice and prepare homemade low-sodium vegan meals for Bangsiri, but she refused the new food despite repeated attempts and different recipes. (She’d already stopped eating the vegan kibble that had been her main food since 2008, when she left Ms. Jung’s shelter.)

When I gave in and put her on a prescription diet, she liked the new food better at first. Then she started refusing Hill’s H/D kibble. She preferred Royal Canin Cardiac kibble, but soon she started picking at that too. Until recently she loved the canned versions of both Hill’s H/D and Royal Canin Cardiac formula. For a few weeks, I mixed Royal Canin canned and kibble together along with some cranberry powder and enzyme supplements. She ate well and enjoyed fresh vegetables and unsalted dog biscuits as treats.

Now she won’t touch any kind of kibble, even if it’s mixed with canned food. She used to take her medicine in tomato juice, baby food, maple syrup or agave syrup and was always happy at medicine time. Now she refuses tomato juice, baby food, maple syrup, agave syrup and dog biscuits. I have to mix her medicine with Hill’s A/D or Royal Canine Recovery—canned foods specially formulated for sick animals who won’t eat. So far it’s working, but I worry that she’ll eventually get sick of A/D and Recovery too and it will be impossible to get her to take her medicine.

Earlier this week I ran out of Bangsiri’s prescription canned food. She refused Cardiac kibble, even with some Recovery mixed in. She refused the vegan canned food she used to love, but picked at it when I added a spoonful of Recovery. When I went to E-Mart and bought some Hill’s H/D canned, she cleaned her bowl.

That was two days ago, and since then she’s been hungry for dinner but not breakfast. I offered her H/D canned for breakfast yesterday and today but could only get her to eat a few bites each time. This morning, I took away the H/D and replaced it with a bowl of A/D but she wouldn’t touch it. I gave up trying, and the cats were eating it when I left for work.

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