Rainy weekend

I reserved a pet taxi on Saturday and the driver helped me load all three babies into the van for a trip to the vet. We were on the road most of the day in the rain and I spent more than $600 on blood tests for everyone, vaccinations for Phoenix and Gemma, X-rays for Phoenix and Bangsiri, eye drops and lysine gel for Phoenix (who is suffering from a herpes infection), and new medicine for Bangsiri.

Phoenix and Gemma have no signs of serious health problems but I have to postpone their change to a vegan diet because Phoenix won’t eat lysine gel without canned food. Dr. Kwon said the herpes symptoms could be from stress.

I brought Bangsiri in even though her appointment wasn’t for another two weeks because I was very worried—since I’ve had her she’s had a collapsing trachea, and recently the problem has gotten worse. I wondered if I was worried for nothing, but Saturday’s X-ray showed her heart was bigger than before. Dr. Kwon adjusted her medicine and I thought it was helping … she had a good day yesterday and enjoyed a walk in the park after the rain stopped.

But last night Bangsiri coughed more than usual and had trouble catching her breath. I cuddled her and massaged her legs and she seemed better after a few minutes. But early this morning I had a dream that really upset me.

Bangsiri’s picture was on ARK’s Facebook page and somehow I realized we didn’t live together anymore. I couldn’t remember giving her up or understand why she was back in foster care, but when I saw her new foster parents and asked about her they wouldn’t say anything. Over and over, I demanded to know what happened to Bangsiri but they wouldn’t acknowledge me. Then I woke up and Bangsiri was still cuddled up next to me.

She had her medicine and ate her breakfast this morning as usual, and she seemed stable when I left for work, but I’m extremely worried.

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